How to build a 5 to 6 figures using Landing Pages.

How to build a 5 to 6 figures using Landing Pages.

Landing Page

Marketing techniques are growing so much and everything is becoming virtual. There are 2 types of marketing techniques; physical marketing which is obsolete (post card, flyers, newspapers ads…). The second type is digital marketing (facebook ads, google ads…). Another example of digital marketing is landing page. It’s a one page webpage created for the purpose of advertising. Landing page is also getting popular. It’s a powerful tool to grow your business.How to use a landing page for an income producing machine? Let’s find out !

1- What are the Advantages of using a Landing page ?

Using Landing page has many advantages in today’s marketing attraction.

First you can use it to be able to get your leads contact information (name, email, phone number) and follow up with them the next day. To be able to get your prospects contact information is an important factor to your success. The average time people take action from an offer is 10 times. So this mean you will have to show your offer to your prospect on average of 1o times before some take action. This mean if you don’t have a way to get your lead info, it’s going to be really hard for you to grow your business. A landing page will help you build an email list. Get your email list builder Here

Second it can be used to automatically follow up with your leads. This is a simple process. You can connect you landing page to an email auto-responder and it will automatically follow up with whoever land on your page and put their information down. This is an amazing tools because you don’t have to lift a finger as everything is automatic.Expect your list to grow overtime to thousand of subscribers that you have to email often. Thanks to your landing page autoresponder. Get your autoresponder NOW!

Third it will help increase your conversion rate. Conversion rate is the percentage of people who take action on your page. This mean landing page alone can help you make sales, have sign up, subscribers….; People will take action when you have a nice looking and attractive page. At this point you don’t even need to be a web designer expert to create beautiful landing pages. It’s beginner friendly. Convert your site here!

Fourth a landing page is a leverage system. Leverage is an advantage used to triple even quadruple your results and your numbers. So if you are using a landing page you are ahead of the competition who doesn’t. Landing page are built in SEO. It means you can optimize your page so you can be see on google. Once you have a flow of traffic coming to your landing page often, the system will screen your leads and convert them into prospects by saving their contact info. It will then automatically follow up with them through an email autoresponder. It will then convert your prospect into buyers. If you wasn’t using landing page for your website you need to start using them now. It’s a game changer. Get your Leverage system Today!

2- Turn your Landing page to an income generating Machine

Knowing how to use every single advantages of a landing page it become easy to switch your page to an income machine. You will start off by building off your page, add whatever type of design you like, add an action like a sign up form(name, email,phone number), set up your autoresponder that you will synchronize to your page so it can automatically do the email job. Also you can set a video presentation or ask your lead to exchange their info in exchange of a video presentation or whatever.That’s how you build your list.

Once you have everything set, you can start by driving traffic to your landing page. There are many ways to drive traffic; if you have a big budget for advertisement you can use paid ad like google, facebook , bing , yahoo….But if your budget is limited you can use service like taboola, outbrain that are little cheaper. But I strongly advise you to learn how to set these ads, because if you don’t know how to optimize them for max profit you could be spending to much money without seen enough ROI.

If you don’t have any Budget at all, you can use free ad posting website or social media. You can access the list of the best free classified ad website Here. Spend couple of minutes everyday posting ad for your business. You will see a flow of traffic on your landing page overtime. Be consistent in the process. It takes times, but it will be worth. In the meantime just manage your system. Try different ways to drive traffic and stick with what best works for you. Sign up and get your landing page system up and running NOW<<<<<<




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