Can self Confidence Plays a Major role in Your Success?

Can self Confidence Plays a Major role in Your Success?

Self Confidence

There are three social classes with various level of mindset ; the poor, the middle class and the rich. Each Social classes have different ways to take action, think or even behave. what causes the gap between social Classes? it comes to the attention that there is a major force that many don’t know about; it’s something you have hear before. It plays a big role in your life, your goals and your future. That Force is called Self confidence. how do self confidence drive your mindset and your actions on a daily basis? how to develop that mental state? the answer will help define How self confidence can play a key role in your success overtime.

Key role of self confidence in your success

The inequality that exists in social class has turn people into giving power to money. It made the crowd believe that those who are rich have high power and priority ; this is true!  It gets to a point where the poor class believe that the rich get their money unfairly, in a way that the average people don’t know about.What about the middle class? they are also well off and the poor have a similar point of view about the middle class like the middle class do for the rich. why so much contrast? the engine that drive social inequality is self confidence.

Self confidence is nothing else, but a mental state that will give you power of action. it gives you the boldness to go forward through a project, a goal or whatever you want to achieve in life. It makes you believe that everything is possible. If you play close attention to the rich class, you can notice they all have a common trait. They have a high level of self confidence, that’s why they are successful. They take action when opportunities show up, they create opportunities because their self confidence is high enough to make them believe that they will achieve whatever they are seeking! Contrary to what many people think, the rich just play by a different set of rules. Yes the way the rich make their money is legit. what happen when you lack self confidence?

Self confidence is the essence of the mindset. If you don’t have it, you can’t really achieve much in life. whether you are a student, an Entrepreneur, or whatever you want to make happen, if you lack it, it would be really hard to reach success. Look i am not trying to scarce you, but i just want you to show you how self confidence can change your life today for the best. Poor people, and middle class are usually the one with similar mindset. They only difference with the two is that their income are not the same. They lack self confidence that’s why they can’t take risk. When opportunities show up, their self esteem is too low. They are skeptical, they are scared, they don’t believe they can do it, they have excuses for every solution so they let it go ; you wonder why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? it’s a mindset thing !

how do you build that mental state ?

If you want to achieve much in life, you have to change the way you think. Be and stayed positive no matter what! affirm positivity on a daily basis. Say word like “i can do it” ! “i am not scared” ! “i was born to be happy and rich”! “i will become successful” ! write them down if you have too;  such positive affirmation repeated on a daily basis, will increase your level of self confidence. You won’t be scared ! it will help you face your fears and your doubts. You will notice a lots of difference if you change the way you think. To find out more how you can change your mindset and increase your level of self confidence Click Here. The way you think will change your life. The more positive you are, the higher is your self confidence.

Self confidence is the essence of achievement ! without it you can’t do much ! Change your mindset, and it will change your life forever. If you have a high level of self confidence, welcome to the one percent ! the majority don’t have it ! that’s what create the difference in social classes. Starting right now, whether you are already in business, trying to start one or whatever goals you have in mind, you should work on developing your self confidence level and watch your life improve and change overtime.

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