Consistency is key to achieve success

Consistency is key to achieve success

Consistency is key

Consistency is key. It’s a series of actions you commit to do no matter what. Consistency is a part of self discipline, commitment and hard work. So many people want to achieve big, but are not willing to do what it takes. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or start a business, you will need consistency to achieve success. The reason why so many people give up without even trying is because the lack of consistency. How many people have you seen out there, getting excited and all pump up about a new opportunity, but couple of weeks later they all want out. Well this is what we are going to discuss today. what are the strategies to keep your consistency on top from day 1? Let’s find out!

1- Set a goal 

A goals is really important in the accomplishment of your dreams. A dream without goal is just a wish. How do you set goals? it’s easier than you think.

A Cleary goal need to be written down. You are writing in a personal note, what you want to become in the next five years. When you write it down, it allows you to visualize it on a regular basis. That will automatically program your mind to work your way out to it. Set some realistic goals that you believe you can truly make happen. When you set your goal, you want to make sure that you can beat that. By example, let’s say today your goal is to talk to ten people about your new opportunity, and you just do five. You will have a feeling of under achievement that can potentially weaken your mind. But if you had a goal to speak to five people and you end up speaking to five people, you will feel like a great achiever. The next day you will believe that you can do more than five and so on. It’s a step by step process like 1,2,3,….. The goal can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can check this great book out called “The ultimate Guide to achieving Goals that truly excite you”. Barnes and Noble have it for $9.99,  Click here to get it.

2- Take action

A goal without any action is dead. How many people do you know out there that set plenty of goals but never take action? Sometime people want to do things, but don’t always take the necessary action. Only few do take action and achieve. So you want to be a  pragmatic person. It’s someone who talk less, but act more. Taking action is the hardest part of a goal setting. To be able to take action without feeling overwhelmed, you have to take it easy. You can’t get a bunch of things done overnight. Write down an action plan that you want to follow with consistency on a daily basis. Again it’s a step process. Today you do one small action, tomorrow you do another small one and so on, until your business get some momentum. One of the main reason why people never take action is because they think about so much they have to do; when they should just breaking down the big task into small manageable one. Too much thinking kills you, always remember that. Click here to find out the 9 tips for taking action on your goals. Consistency is key.

3- Put God First 

You have to include God in anything you plan or do. Even the Bible says to put God first. Trust me God will never let you down when you need him no matter how circumstances seems to look like or turn out. On a daily basis before you write down that goal and that action, first ask God for strength, intelligence and a challenging mind. Yes you have that straight goal and action taking plan, but you still have to go through obstacles ; and as an entrepreneur you know success is not a straight line. The power of God keeps you up strong and consistent. Find out how to put God in your priorities Here.

4- Meditation 

Meditation is a powerful tools if you know how to take advantage of it. It’s simple to practice meditation. Find a quiet place where you can hear nothing but your breathing. Sit down, close your eyes and try to empty your mind at the same time. It might be hard at the beginning but if you do it often you will see that it’s easy. Once emptying your mind, the goal is to feel peace with yourself. Practice breathing in and out in harmony. Overtime you will love what you feel and start see the benefits of it. Get 20 min a day of your time. The more you practice, the longer you can go with it. You will develop self confidence and personal development. Consistency is key. Find out more about meditation Here.

If you ever want to start a home based business and stay consistent at it visit this page Here.


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