How I Make a Living from Home While Helping Others Do the Same.

How I Make a Living from Home While Helping Others Do the Same.

    Make a living From Home
        My name is Vanki and welcome to my Blog. I’ am a Network Marketer and Blogger from Home. Before i came into the idea of making a living from home with Network Marketing, I was working full time as direct support professional. I was assigned to somebody, that i was supposed to take care of ; D.S.P was another way to call me caregiver.I was providing for his need, i was fixing him food, shopped for him, gave him showers, even sometime cleaned his Poops. Don’t get me wrong i mean i enjoyed what i was doing at the time! The root of my motivation was the value that has somebody as Human being. Overtime things started getting different and bored. Most often the client i was taking care off didn’t have any respect for me. It’s true i was getting paid for it, but i still believe you should give respect back to somebody who does everything for you! I started not feeling too good about what i was doing in exchange of the type of treatment i was getting. I was not enjoying my job anymore! not only i was working hard for less money, but also i felt like the idea of living paycheck to paycheck was awakening the financial insecurity inside of me. It got me thinking ! I started observe. I was able to see things that grabbed my attention. 

The real discovery 

Why do some people work less and earn more money while others work hard and still earn less money? why some people go to endless vacation with theirs families and still make money? in the meantime the others category of people still have to go to work everyday to make ends meet? so many questions was haunting my mind ! I started look for answers! I knew there was a better way, a better way that many are not aware of. The internet became my best friend. I spent endless day and night looking for ways to make money and become financially free.
I went from programs that was promising riches overnight ! felt for those as i took the risk, but ended up getting scam over and over again; there was one way, but haven’t found it yet. Quitting my Job was on my mind, just to be able to focus on myself and my goal. Did not want anything to hold me back in the search of my venture on how to make a living from home. I wanted something that i could do on my own that would give me some type of Freedom! 

The Path 

At the time, the Uber service  just came in my town and was getting  lot of attention. I decided to replaced it as my main source of income. One day, I went to pick up some random lady at her house. When i got there i was amazed by her lifestyle. I was dropping her to the airport. Curious, I asked her what she does for a living, she replied “I help people get fit, healthy and live an active lifestyle”. how is that possible? i told her I would love to do something like that for a living as well ! i saw an opportunity right away; the reason why?  i believed that her purpose was a good one. she gave me her business card and invited me to free lunch at a club to find out.       
I came to the invitation as planned. She welcome me well, and she served me a meal tasting great:) she started explaining me in further details how she’s helping others people for a living , the business model (compensation plan, Royalties Bonus…) i though about it for a minute. I was seeing the vision on it, so i decided to jump and took the opportunity, it was a good one !   signed up as New Distributor of healthy Products; was landing in a new venture of helping million of people getting healthy, fit and active.
I liked the idea of earning money at the house, while helping others stay financially well and healthy. Every since that first day, my WHY started manifesting, and i started to follow it. I kept good relationship with the lady as she became my mentor and good friend. I wanted to become like her ! so i decided to work hard through my dream so i could be able to make the same lifestylefrom the comfort of my home and travel the world freely.  

Chasing The Dream     

I was working day and night non stop ! i started using the product myself ! It helped me a lot on building my energy and i became more active. I felt like i was getting younger! i also wanted to gain muscles weight because I was underweight. I was able to gain 20 pounds of muscles on top of my initial weight. So far i was having incredible results! My WHY even got stronger at that point i knew i was working with a real company with great products. I kept grinding harder ! i was signing up new people who was tired of the job routine of living off of a paycheck , and who want a change. From there  my team started growing and growing …… twenty four months later BOOM! hard work started paying off! 
My lifestyle changed! there was a feeling of great achievement in me. What i have been working for years finally came into reality. I wasn’t dependent of a paycheck anymore. Now I make a living fom home while helping others do the same. I can go to vacation with my family and still make money, while having fun. I was able to replace my full time job income.People have asked me and still ask me so many time how have I done it? my answer is  work hard, have passion for what you do and never give up on your Dreams ! When opportunities knock at your door grab them. I’ am a regular individual just like everybody else! i was able to build a money machine system from home, so can you ! I Met great people and made good friends toward my journey.
If you are fed up from a dead end  9 to 5, financial insecurity, ridiculous paycheck , gossip from co-workers….i want to share the opportunity that changed my life today ! it’s time for a change ! I inserted a link below if you want more Info !

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