Make Profit invest bitcoin and earn

Make Profit invest bitcoin and earn

Make Profit with cryptocurrency

Crypto currency is a digital or virtual currency that use encryptions for security purposes; Contrary to paper money you can’t touch it. Crypto currencies are considered to be the future of money, as many banks in the world already started selling them. Banks and others institutions are giving the opportunity to people like you and me to access them. One of the main reason crypto currencies are getting high in popularity, is because people believe that it is a great source of long term investment.

The purpose of crypto-currency is to be able to facilitate transfer of virtual funds between banks, people, corporations as paper money could become obsolete in the next 20 to 30 years. Many merchants are already using crypto for payments in store or online. e.g : Some well known online Store are already accepting purchase with crypto-currency. They are easy to purchase, but where do you stored them?
Digital currencies are stored in “virtual wallet”. Virtual wallet can easily be connected to a bank card or a bank account for transaction.They give the opportunity to get them, convert them to cash using Banks, or just keep them safe. There are many virtual wallets out there. The most popular and safe way to buy and sell crypto currency is COINBASE.
Now the big question is How to make money investing with Crypto-currency? Can you create a Living Lifestyle with these currencies?
Do you rather work for Money or have your money work for you? I choose the option 2 ; make money investing with crypto-currency is really Simple! As there are thousand of them out there, they are a lot of money to be made. it’s is a billion Dollars Market. The Most popular one is Bitcoin. Today Bitcoin worth thousand of dollars. People who bought Bitcoin at less than $1 back then, are Multi Millionaire today. It could also be you! I remember couple of years ago, when one single bitcoin was $300, but i had no idea what it was back then. I missed on a big opportunity because my ignorance! I started learning about Crypto-currency, so i can take advantage of this Market. My learning is rewarding me already. If you haven’t start learning about Crypto-currency, i urge you to start now or you will be missing on the next big thing. There is a good new ; if you have miss on Bitcoin, it still time. The are Many of them out there that will potentially bypass Bitcoin in value.They are less than a dollar. You don’t have to be a genus to invest in Crypto. This is the steps you need to start Making Money with Crypto :
Step 1: You have to open a virtual wallet with coinbase, where you will have the opportunity to link you bank card or bank account for the purpose of funding your wallet. You can only exchange Bitcoin, Etherum and Litecoin. Open your account now at coinbase
For help opening a coinbase account you can visit the following link Here
Step 2 : You need to be able to buy and sell Coins. One of the best,reliable and secure platform to use is Binance (you can exchange Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin and a various more on the market). You will have to open an account. It take as little as 5 min. You can open your account now at Here.
For help opening a Binance account, visit the following Link Here
Step 3: Now you have your Coinbase and Binance ready. You will need to fund your Coinbase account to be able to send fund to your Binane. To transfer funds from your Coinbase to Binance, click the following link Here
As simple as it is, when you have follow these steps, you can start buy Coins using the Binance platform. I personally like to hold my coins, because i know the value will increase overtime. The more Coins you buy, the higher your return on investment. The Crypto Market is big now! Focus on it ,and you will live the Living Lifestyle From Home. You will make money investing while traveling the world.

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