Lack of passion is the reason you keep failing.

Lack of passion is the reason you keep failing.

Lack of passion

Lack of Passion is a state of mind. The individual is missing a desire or an enjoyment to accomplish something particular. There is not excitement in the process. In today’s society the need for surviving got many people doing things not because they have passion for it, but because money is the main drive. What really make the difference between those who are successful and those who are not in term of lacking passion? the answer to this question will allow us to explain how lacking passion can be the reason you keep failing. First let’s define how passion plays in your subconscious, and second how  it will contribute to your success.

1-How does Passion plays in your subconscious Mind

Again Passion as we  defined earlier is the love for something . It can be fixing cars, being a maid, handyman, customer service representative and many more. You subconscious mind is powerful because it will sock in everything you think about. Anything that affect your feeling about something. Let’s take an example; Bobby doesn’t like to clean the floor. But he knows that his daily chores is to clean the floor.

So the type of response Bobby will have is a feeling of struggle that is being interpret into a no enjoyment of cleaning the floor. When it’s time to mop the floor, Bobby will say “oh no I don’t feel like doing it’ or ”I don’t like mopping man, it will take me forever to be done”.

Bobby subconscious mind is already aware that he does not like to clean the floor, so there is no passion doing it. This is how your mind drive you without you being aware and  because of the type of thought you being putting in it.

If you are doing a task, in the process for only 2 seconds, a voice cross your mind and says “I kinda don’t like it” it’s over ! your mind already caught it and its in the process to make you believe that you don’t like what you do. From the time you don’t like it, you can’t produce much.

Another example; Henry is a car seller. He loves to sell cars, and was looking for that dream job for a long time. For him it’s fun to be outside on a hot sun talking to customers about new models all day long. Since Henry enjoys what he does, he will be more likely to be productive and successful on what he does, just because he has passion for it. His passion drives him everyday all day long, despite the weather. He don’t feel tired at all. Find out more Here

2- Lack of Passion affects you Success

Passion is the engine for your success. As we explained earlier if you lack love on what you do, you are going to be less productive than someone who loves what he does. Observe around and notice that the most successful people always loves what they do. Again if we bring the idea of how much your subconscious mind sock in your thought of feeling over something, you will notice that the successful mind are struggle free. There is no struggle when it comes to work on their business or at the job. That’s because their mind tell them they have passion, so they should work long hours. Remember when there is passion, there is no pain, and there is more productivity. Otherwise when you observe those who don’t enjoy what they do; No happiness, time is going slow, boring at work following mood issues. That’s the less productive character type.

What makes the difference between the successful people and the non successful ones is the willingness to take action. If you don’t love what you do, change it right away. But many are feeling stuck in a 9 to 5 not enjoying what they do. They believe they have to stay there to survive. It’s because they are money driven. Why should you exchange hours for dollars when there not excitement? most people will tell you they want to feel secure, they are scare of transition. They are scare of not being able to pay their bills. Success is for those who love what they do and ready to take action if they come across something they don’t like.

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