How can Leverage skyrocket your Network Marketing Business?

How can Leverage skyrocket your Network Marketing Business?

Leverage is defined as a tool to boost any type of work outcome by hundred time if it was done using a regular way of operation. It’s a  strategy used in the world of business to produce consistent and powerful results overtime. I believe many are not aware of the power of leverage as they are still using the same old marketing strategies that really don’t provide consistent results. They believe that it worked in the past, and it would still be working these days. With the Internet today, these old methods are outdated! if you don’t use the internet at your advantage today you are far behind. It wonders to know what is the relationship between Network Marketing and leverage? how can you use Leverage at your advantage in today’s technologies? Let’s analyze it by showing how Leverage can be a game changer in your Business and how it can place you at the top of your company.

What is the relationship between Network Marketing and leverage ?

The relationship between Network Marketing and leverage is numbers. Like any others businesses, it’s a number game. The Network Marketing business system is all about how many people you sign up. These people are your team, the bigger is your team the more money you make. The more products you sell the more profit you make. Numbers is the main focus in any business. The next time you meet a network marketer successful leader, ask him what is his number one focus in his business. His answer is “people! I take care of my team, but a big team is a big number”. Just observe around, Herbalife, Amway, Walmart and so on…. their fortune is based off of how many people consume their products, and become part of their businesses ; again numbers is the fact game! The Fortune 500 was able to grow their sales and businesses by 100 time with the power of the Internet. Robert kiyosaki said:

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work” – Robert Kiyosaki

But the main question that comes to mind is to know  how can you use leverage at your own advantage ?

Today’s Technologies give a lot of opportunities to use leverage in various ways. I believe you already hear the quote that says “work smart, not hard”. Harv Eker said:

“If you are not using leverage, you are working too hard and earning too little” T. Harv Ever

How can you use Leverage for your business ?

what is this thing of not working hard, but working smart? I have hear it 1000 times; it’s all about a system that leverage the work that is it ! Before I came into the knowledge of leverage, I asked myself so many time how these network marketers leaders was able to enroll so many people and sold so many products in a short amount of time compared to the average distributor. I made my research and founded that if you are using the same old marketing strategies, you are working too hard and you will eventually get burn out! don’t get me wrong, the leaders are also working hard ; the difference is on how they do it. Leaders work in a smart way (more efficient and productive) with less time. They understand the game and own systems that do presentation, sign up people and do follow ups on auto-pilot, while sleep or do whatever is relevant to them. How cool is that ! just imagine how fast you can grow your business using a leverage system that work on auto-pilot, and achieve 100 times your competition numbers.

First you have to change the way you make people view  your network marketing business. Instead of chasing family members, friends and people at the mall, it makes people believe you are desperate of finding buyers. People hate to be sold! instead you should provide a value to the marketplace. When you provide a value to the marketplace, people start chasing you ready to buy. The way you do it it’s by branding yourself. How to brand yourself? the answer is simple! social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube,…) and blogs.

When your start becoming popular, this is where leverage will come into play ; since people start trusting you, now it’s time to build a system that will do all the lifting job for you! the system consist of creating an attractive landing page that will be asking your leads basic questions like their  first name, last name, email address, phone number in exchange of something of value. The system will track all your leads information and with the help of an autoresponder, it will automatically follow up whether they sign up or no. The follow up purpose is to build relationship with your prospects, but guess what you don’t even need to know them; it’s a powerful tools to the system. You can get access to the same system that helped me leverage my business Here . Another point I would like to mention is instead of solely focus on selling the product, I would focus on recruiting more people using the leverage system. If you focus on growing a team, your business will grow 100 times faster than if you would just sell. I would not worry about selling the product, it will sell itself. John Paul Getty said :

““I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.”” – John Paul Getty

I hope my article is helpful. If you need help to set up your own system, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help.


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