Can you Make a living with Affiliate Commission?

Can you Make a living with Affiliate Commission?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a system, where people get rewarded for promoting a service. The More you sell, the more money you will make. It’s really similar to network marketing, but the difference is that network marketing usually has physical products.Big corporation out there practice affiliate commission (COX, Direct TV, AT&T, cars dealership, Amazon, others online Marketing service …..) system to attract more clients. Affiliate Marketing got so popular to a point where some have master the art of selling service online or offline. They are called guru on the work. But how much money do they really Make?  can you make a living with affiliate marketing in today’s economy?  let’s first figure out about the system in general, and the potential of affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate Marketing system Work?

 The way Affiliate Marketing system works is simple . The affiliate is promoting and selling a product or service to people ; the service can be a monthly subscription, or just a one time payment digital product. The more products someone sells, the more commission he gets.Depending of the agency, they usually have competitive percentage commissions of 50%, even sometime up to 70% of each items sold.Back in the day, when it used to be offline, affiliates was going from house to house, doors entry stores, parking lot on the hot sun or freezing weather. Today with the internet being so big, you can just sit home and sell online without leaving your home. The internet makes it much easier to be an online marketer, without counting the power of social media.Most of the people who promote an affiliate service have used it and had a good experience with it. They decide to share it and increase their chance of success.

How far can you go with affiliate marketing when it comes to earning commissions?

Potential of Affiliate Marketing 

With today’s Internet and social Media, affiliate marketing has bigs potential. First, you can start for free. You don’t have to purchase anything as you can just promote and make commissions right away. Unlike many others online businesses where you have to spend money to make money.Second, if you are good on selling you will make a killing with it.Now there is no need to go and chase people.Affiliate agency have tools to help you sell and succeed online. Third,the commission percentage is high as we said earlier, it can go as high as  70% commissions.

The products they offer usually resolve a problem, and makes it easy to sell.They run really fast because people need them.If you are serious about making money or a living by being an affiliate, you will succeed.I don’t see why not. So many guys out there are killing it, making big money.You can be one of them. You just need a system that is working for you. One of the best affiliate marketing system is click-funnel. Click-funnels is a marketing agency that specialize in professional landing page, live webinar,email autoresponder, and many more worth of features. If you are struggling to make sale online, I suggest you to try this! you will be able to have a system that will do all the job for you. You will be able to leverage your business and meet 100 times better numbers. Just imagine having all these features in one. That is the same system I have been using to achieve better results. Remember leverage is a number game.

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