Network Marketing is the Real Deal

Network Marketing is the Real Deal


Network Marketing also called Multi Level Marketing, is defined as a sale system where you earn a commission based on the amount of products you sell, and how many people you refer to the business; On the other side the Business model have created a lot of controversy as pyramidal scheme or scam. The controversy was based on the fact that people get paid with new comers money, and those on the top of the pyramid make all the money, while the rest struggle to make dollars. On the others side, network marketing is known to have change a lot of people lives financially. Based on the fact that rumors from the mass are not always verified, should we believe the opinion’s mass about network marketing? let’s break down the business model, what are some of the best network marketing program and how you could become financially well off doing network marketing.

Business Model

Many network marketing companies out there, usually have a similar business model with little to no difference in general. The main difference usually comes in the compensation plan. Some have a competitive compensation plan compared to others. That’s why if you want to choose a network Marketing company to work with, the first thing to look at is the compensation plan; The second thing is the company reputation. It usually start off with products like weight loss nutrition, cell supplements, wine, skin care products  and many more etc….; The strategy as a distributor is to consume the product yourself for a particular need and see the results. When you see the results, you have all the knowledge and testimony necessary to respond somebody else need.

There is no point to be involved in a network marketing scheme if yourself don’t consume the products. it’s setting yourself to failure. You can’t sell what you don’t have any idea about, it wouldn’t be honest. The main objective is to grow a team of people you are going to be working together. You will set goals and organize meeting with your team, invite new people to let them hear about the business opportunity.

Network Marketing business have the best products. They are considered to be premium compared to the one the store sell, because it works! One of the best that I would recommend today is Herbalife ! Herbalife (weight, gain loss and many nutritional supplement) is one of the best network marketing program out there. Another great one I would recommend today is Cerule (focus on the cell support, regeneration, bone marrow).

Network Marketing can change your life 

The secret to success in Network Marketing is consistency. You have to be consistent! treat it like a business and work at it. The reason why many people hold such belief about network marketing, is because the same people who are talking trash about it, was once in a network marketing opportunity and did not succeed at all. They don’t take responsibility of their failure, but on the company itself. You shouldn’t believe what people say. Everyone has potential people want fast money, but it does not happen like that. You really have to be patient, do the work and find what strategy works fo you.

Great achievement are made overtime, not overnight! write down a goal of what you would like to achieve in the next 12 months starting from now; focus at it everyday. Focus on the vision rather than the obstacle,  for sure it will not be easy. Just imagine how your life can change, how fat your check can be if you are able to grow a team of distributors and consumers buying from you every month, think about it for a minute. You can retire, quit your job, travel the world with your family while having fun. From the time you establish your WHY, it automatically become a vision. Nourish your vision and your vision will take care of you.

Network Marketing is all about working Smart. If you do it the right way you will become successful at it. You have to build a system (it takes some work) to link to your business. It will do all the lifting job while doing others things that are relevant to you. If you have read my story at the beginning of this blog “How I Make a Living from Home While Helping Others do the Same”,  you will know what i’am talking about. Go check it out! you can join my team Here as well as my system Here


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  1. You covered a lot of very good points. A lot of people are just hoping to make money and haven’t a clue as where to start. Keep up the good post.

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