What are the qualities of a Great Living Lifestyle?

What are the qualities of a Great Living Lifestyle?

Great Living Lifestyle
A lifestyle is a way of living on a daily basis. Many people dream of a great lifestyle,but there are different points of views on the subject. There are many type of lifestyle ;
It could be getting up every morning, going to work; for others is going to school, do Homework and just take tests. Some others is smoke everyday and take Drugs or live a healthy active lifestyle to loose weight or stay fit; Others is just travel and spend time with their relatives, while managing theirs businesses. But what make a great lifestyle? to answer that question, we will analyze the lifestyle’s type in more details and come out with a reasonable idea of what is considered to be a great lifestyle.

what are the different type of lifestyle ?

One of the most common is the job’s lifestyle. The individual get up every morning, get ready and rush to work. Once there clock in, work,and then Clock out when done; go home and the same routine restart again the next day. That’s what the majority of people do on a daily basis, so they can earn a paycheck. They are relying hundred percent on that paycheck.They exchange hours for dollars, so they can have money to spend on things they don’t really need ( flat screen TV, fancy cars, boats…..) , go to a short vacation. The next day they come back to work empty pocket, until next payday. It goes on and on! These people was once student in their life.
Another type of Lifestyle is the student’s lifestyle. The individual go to school every morning, take notes, study and take tests. it’s happening on a daily basis five days a week, sometime seven days. Usually go to parties with friends on weekend, where they drink, smoke and get lit LOL. The following week is the same circle. One thing that i like about this lifestyle is the education you get while having fun with friends. You get to build great connections that could sometime last a lifetime. Education open you doors to success later in life. If you don’t know how to use what was taught to you in school, then your education could be worthless. On the others side, smoking and drinking, while living a student lifestyle are always not perceived of being too positive in society.
Some people have got so used to Drugs and alcohol at a point where it becomes a part of their Lifestyle. How could we explain that? the answer is “addiction”! the person is lost in drugs, he forgets the whole point of his life. It becomes a living lifestyle. All he does is drinking, smoking and killing time with his surrounding. He can’t go by a day without it, because he got too dependent. he is lost! He believes Drugs and alcohol will help him forget or even resolve his problems. People who usually live that kind of Lifestyle sooner or later end up in some gangsta groups, jail or even prison. There is another group of people that we rarely see live a special Type of Lifestyle.
Business owners and entrepreneurs have a special living lifestyle that differs from the crowd. They get up every morning and love their day, love what they do. They working Smart, not hard. Spending Time with family, go play golf, cart race, go to vacation or others fun activities is their favorite. Families values is a big emphasis for them. They have all the freedom , but still manage to be productive in their businesses. They are leaders, Boss, well respected. Their living lifestyle is perceived as a dream from the majority of people. Their Living Lifestyle is based on assets rather than liabilities.They spend on what they need, not what they want. Balance sheet is their main focus, when the rest of the population main focus is the paycheck. Many of them worth million to billion dollars. They represent the one percent.

what is the typical great lifestyle?

As you can see, based on the different type of living lifestyle type cited above, it comes to a conclusion that the one who live the best qualities lifestyle, are Business owners and Entrepreneurs. The reason is because they enjoy what they do. They have passion for their vocation to a point where they don’t have to feel the pain on the duty. Contrary to most people who are not happy with their job, but still feel forced to do it everyday. They work smart, but not hard and take it easy. why not start your own business today from the comfort of your home, so you can build the living lifestyle of your dreams.
This one Opportunity changed my life, so it can change yours too!


2 Replies to “What are the qualities of a Great Living Lifestyle?”

  1. Thank you for the recent like Vanki ion my post.
    I’d have to say that not all of the ‘job’s lifestyle’ group are a poor bunch. Both my husband and I like our jobs and get decent flexibility. I’m currently working on getting our savings rate up..I’ll get there, a little at a time!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I’am not saying all the job lifestyle are poor brunch. I just want to show the different type of lifestyle we are living on a daily basis in the society, so people can make the choice of where they want to be in life. The choice is for everyone!

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