How To Rebuke Negative Thinking?

How To Rebuke Negative Thinking?

Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking can be defined as a series of belief, past experiences, anything that does not mean good. Negative thought are crossing the mind often, on a daily basis, even without being aware of it. What is the cause of Negative ideas rising in the mind? everyday we are surrounded by Negative people spreading  their bad thoughts all around for several reasons; sometime the reasons could be unknown ! The observation made from folks with such behavior is as followed : they never happy, always sad, their day always sucks, they are always gossiping , complaining is their favorite  hobby, usually they will hate for no reason, they like to see other people suffer etc….; now the question is how to eliminate Negative thought? should you stay around people with a Negative mindset? To help answer these concerns, we will first identifies the causes of Negative thinking, and how to overcome it.

Causes of Negative Thoughts

The causes of Negative Thinking are numerous. Usually people who suffer from it, have had at some point in their life a  bad experience. It could also be a struggling in their childhood, or something that had a deeply effects in their subconscious mind. When later on confronted to similar life’s experience, these past events sometime come back in the subject’s  mind as nightmare’s memories , and he will express a feeling of rejection or threats. The subconscious mind will fight it and the subject expresses a not so good feeling, which is manifesting through Negative thinking. I understand we all have a past experience, but let yourself being influenced will not bring you happiness. The more you let your past dictate your present, you are more likely to hold grudges, have a feeling of hate against others people, and a never happy life.

Negative thinking is CONTAGIOUS! you should stay away from negative people as their energy spread  and affect everybody around. You may have start your day right, and as you going to work, a coworkers of yours comes from no where and start complaining about  how his life sucks, his day going nut and how his neighbor always bump the wall ; they always make it seem like something bad is going to happen, scaring everybody around with their insecurity ! Stay away from them as they will drawn you down with their unhappy energy and turn your day upside down. There is a cure for negative thinking though.

Process to overcome a Negative mind 

The cure against Negative Thinking start off with  you. You have to be able to live your present , not your past. You should understand that your past experience does not give you the outcome of your future. So forget about your past and start focusing on your present, because that present of you will determine how well your future will turn out. Start with positive affirmation on a daily basis. E.g ; Today is going to be a great day , I will find luck today , start off by being grateful of everything you have ( your wife, husband, kids, ….) ; By doing so, consistently on a daily basis your mind will start switching and you will notice how things start getting better in your life. Don’t forget the power of Prayers and the Bible ! Pray God ! have your faith up and talk to God like a son talk to his father. Here is 24 affirmations that you can use today to rebuke Negative thinking using the Power of the Bible  Click Here.

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