Take a rest, bypass obstacles and stay on point

Take a rest, bypass obstacles and stay on point

Overcome Obstacles

Life has so many obstacles. It can be mental, physical, and emotional. The one who are working hard everyday to reach their goals and make ends meet are going to challenges. Everyone is going through obstacles in the process; even the successful people went and going through obstacles. Many end up giving up because either they wasn’t serious at the first place, or lack of some strength. How the successful people made it despite the struggle in the process? let’s analyze this question by bringing on some ideas that can help you bypass obstacles and stay focus to your goals no matter what.

1- Take a rest 

When things get really hard and challenging, sometime it’s better to take a break. If you force to hard you may end up with stress, that lead you to depression and others complication associated to it. You are twice as more likely to give up if you go to hard above your limit.The reason you should rest your mind, your body and your soul, is because it helps you recharge. While you recharge with a peaceful mind, you will potentially come up with a lot of great ideas to overcome the obstacle you are facing. So next time you are going through a hard time to reach a goal, be able to track these little signs as panicking, feeling of struggle, getting tired to fast, you need to stop and take a break. Sometime it’s better to take a rest and come back stronger.

2- Stay focus 

Nothing can be achieved overnight. It’s a process, so you have to stay focus. Most of the time when you have a vision and you are working toward that vision, there are a lot of distraction around. You will have some friends and families that will always steal your time. I’am not saying it in a bad meaning! Some friends will want you to partying, clubbing,or do anything that is not productive. It’s not intentional of them as it’s your responsibility to decline the offer.If you are not focus enough you will easily get loss in the process as you will spend a lot of time clubbing and do parties instead of working on your goals. I don’t say you should not have fun, but fun has its time, and work has its time as well. There is no point in going out do something useless when you have set a goal to get some done that same night. Do not postpone your work! Procrastination is the cancer of goals!

3- Pray God 

This may sound silly, but whatever religion you are involved in, God is God. If you are not doing it, you should start getting straight with God and walk like the Bible is preaching.Many people ignore this point, but don’t know it’s an important factor for success in life. If you don’t have God’s hands in your projects, it can’t fructify period! Read the Bible,take care of others and ask God for forgiveness everyday; ask him for love, strength, productivity, and blessing.This is my favorite quote from the Bible. Jesus said “ask and you shall receive”.This is not an hazard thing. If you do really ask him, you will have it, but you have to be his son and take care of others.

4- work-out

The reason why so many people going hard at the gym, but end up giving up thirty days later , is because they don’t select the activities that give them the most fun. You have to choose what you enjoy the most. There is not point on doing cardio if you don’t like it! you will let it go at some point duh! If you like jogging, walking at the trail, playing soccer, basketball, stick to it and make it your work out. I like to road bike every weekend. There is no pain doing it because I love it. I ride for miles and get back out with the same excitement the next day. Life is beautiful:)

The next time you feel unsecured in the process of your goal’s accomplishment, you can take a rest but don’t you quit; instead follow what we discussed to bypass obstacle and stay focused.


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